.30-06 Sako Blade 170 gr (657A)

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.30-06 Sako Blade 170 gr (657A)

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Here’s some data about the load I’m developing for my Blaser R8.

Bullet: Sako Blade 170 gr (model 657A)
Brass: Lapua
Powder: 55,30 gr Reload Swiss RS60
Primer: CCI 250
CBTO: 66,57 mm
COAL: 82,89 mm
Average speed: 860 ms / 2821 fps (average of three shots, measured with Magnetospeed)
Rifle: Blaser R8 Ultimate
Barrel length: 580 mm
Scope: Kahles Helia 12,4-12x56i, 4-Dot reticle
Weather: +2 Celsius
Accuracy @150 m: 0,6 MOA (three shots)

I measured barrel COAL2JAM length to be 84,35 mm. I coloured the bullet of a dummy load and decreased COAL step-by-step until no scratches of rifling were visible in the bullet.
As a reference, Sako Powerhead Blade cartridge with the same bullet promises 845 ms from 600 mm barrel which could yield ~835 ms from 580 mm barrel.

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