30-06, Nosler 180 Accubond, MRP (or RL-22)

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30-06, Nosler 180 Accubond, MRP (or RL-22)

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Cartridge: 30-06

Brand of bullet: Nosler Accubond

Weight of bullet: 180 grains

Brand of brass: Lapua

Type of powder: MRP (or RL22)

Grains of powder: 61.3

Brand, and type of primer: CCI 200, Large Rifle

COL: .08" or .050" from your lands.

FPS/MPS: Not measured

Rifle: Blaser R8

Barrel Length: Standard
Scope: 2-12
Weather conditions & temp
58 degrees F
Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters
.5 MOA ATC or less (repeatable)

Both seating depths performed very well.

Ringo, formerly rodell
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