30-06 165 grain load

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30-06 165 grain load

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165 grain Spire Point (3040)

Lake City

IMR 4350

54.0 grains

Any Large Rifle primer

Seat to cannelure

2700 FPS

Various Rifles

22” & 24”


This load has proven accurate in every rifle tried, and is effective on Deer. Has been my “go to” load for over 30 years. If your rifle won’t shoot well with this load, there is a problem. Not for M1 Garlands due to excessive port pressure related to the burn rate for IMR 4350.

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Re: 30-06 165 grain load

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Curious if you've tried IMR 4451? (Enduron powder) it's "similar" to IMR 4350 . . . or perhaps IMR 4955 which is "similar" to H-4831.
The Enduron powders feature Copper Fouling "Eliminators", and temperature stability.

I do realize that some 30-06 rifles just love IMR 4350! My son's Savage 110 Classic is one of them . . .

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