.300 Win with 181g TUG

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Re: .300 Win with 181g TUG

Post by chalky »

Beautiful animal, congratulations on an outstanding trophy

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Re: .300 Win with 181g TUG

Post by TheoR8 »

Awesome beast Brett. :handgestures-thumbup:

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Re: .300 Win with 181g TUG

Post by Dom »

Yes, Waidmannsheil Brett, great Kudu and great caliber!

And I can also vouch for the great 300 WinMag, I only have 3 of them . . . :)
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Re: .300 Win with 181g TUG

Post by Gun Barrel Ecologist »

Waidmannsdank and nice kudu Dom :clap:

The .300 Win makes an ideal PG safari and OS hunt rifle in my mind, which I believe is supported by Blaser barrel sales figures

I have to post the following for others to make their own minds up about the .300 and 181g TUG combination though
recovered TUGs.jpg
recovered TUGs 2.jpg
recovered TUGs 3.jpg
The grid paper is 5mm. Two bullet jackets are from the kudu, 1 into the shoulder and spine, second into the chest via armpit at close range because whilst he wasnt going anywhere the heart was still beating, 3rd was recovered from the offside neck of my warthog, along with the lump of recovered core. As you can gather from the placement, neither animal took a step after being hit. Neither shot tested the long range capacity of the cartridge.

There were no bullets to be recovered from either bushbuck or babboons, where the TUG performed like the brochure and the harder lead tail section plowed through after the front half exploded dropping the animal on the spot https://rws-munition.de/en/rws-hunting- ... ullet.html
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Re: .300 Win with 181g TUG

Post by stokesrj »

Gun Barrel Ecologist wrote:They work :ugeek: :D
Although expect cup and core separation of the last hard lead section at .300Win velocity if pointed at something bigger than a bushbuck
GBE what did your Kudu measure, I'm guessing 56"
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Re: .300 Win with 181g TUG

Post by ebrownw2 »

I think you're close, Bob. It's definitely bigger than the 53 incher hanging above my fireplace.

Congrats on an awesome trophy, GBE. Hopefully he has some brothers left for me and my son.... My boy's primary target for the trip is Kudu, and his boom stick is a 300 Win. July can't get here fast enough.

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Re: .300 Win with 181g TUG

Post by thechamp »

Congrats GBE on a beauty of a Kudu. Agree the 300 Win and Wby do some damage.

Dom done quite well with that one he took. They really are some awesome animals.

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