.222 Rem

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.222 Rem

Post by André »

Cartridge) .222 Rem

(Brand of bullet) Sierra MK HPBT

(Weight of bullet) 52

(Brand of brass) Norma

(Type of powder) N 133

(Grains of powder) 22.5

(Brand, and type of primer) WSR

(COL) 55,1 mm

(FPS) 1004 m"

(Rifle) Blaser R 93 Jagdmatch


(Scope) Swarovski 6-24x50

(Weather conditions & temp.)underground

(Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters) 5 in 0,43 cm / 100 m (.15 MOA)


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Re: .222 Rem

Post by SPEEDY »

Nutting wrong with the 222rem, always liked every one of mine I've had.
I'm soft and I don't care. :dance:

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