6XC Hornady 103 gr ELDX ADI 2209

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6XC Hornady 103 gr ELDX ADI 2209

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(Cartridge) 6XC

(Brand of bullet) Hornady

(Weight of bullet) 103

(Brand of brass) Norma

(Type of powder) ADI 2209 / H4350

(Grains of powder) 39.3

(Brand, and type of primer) RWS

(COL) 69.28 mm


(FPS/MPS) 2928 FPS

(Rifle) R8

(Barrel Length) 58cm

(Scope) ZEISS 8x56 Classic

(Weather conditions & temp) Gentle breeze and overcast .

(Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters) 8.5 mm centre to centre 3 shots.

Very uniform velocities for 18 shots. All SD below 9.2 and all ES below 15 for 6 three shot groups. All groups under MOA .
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