6mm Norma BR

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6mm Norma BR

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(Cartridge) 6BR

(Brand of bullet) Sierra

(Weight of bullet) 95 grain Match King

(Brand of brass) Lapua, Full Length Resized and shoulder bumped .003" and neck sized to .268"

(Type of powder) Varget

(Grains of powder) 31.3

(Brand, and type of primer) Wolf Small Rifle Magnum

(COL) 2.370" jumps .025" in my rifle

(FPS) Unknown, my chromo was acting up.

(Rifle) Blaser R8 with GRS stock

(Barrel Length) 23" fluted Match

(Scope) Nightforce Competition 15-55X with DDR2 reticle

(Weather conditions & temp.) Calm, Clear, 75 degrees F.

(Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters) .201" center to center

(Notes) I shot two five shot groups with this load, the first was following a load using N135 powder and Hornady bullets. The first shot was slightly out of the group and then next four were in a single hole smaller than the pictured group. The group was still under .3 MOA including the flyer. This load seems to have some potential, so I plan to develop it further for use in a 600 yard prone match and maybe another attempt at the Blaser Bud MOA all day challenge.

Robert J Stokes

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