BlaserBuds 7x65 R Load Database

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BlaserBuds 7x65 R Load Database

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Cartridge 7x65 R

Brand of bullet North Fork

Weight of bullet 160 gn

Brand of brass RWS

Type of powder AR 2231sc/H4831sc

Grains of powder 59

Brand, and type of primer Federal; 210GM

COL 3.436"

FPS/MPS 2730

Rifle K95

Barrel Length 60cm

Scope 2,5/10/50 Zeiss Victory HT

Weather conditions & temp Calm. Temp around 15/20 C

Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters .97 for 3

Increasing the charge to 60g closes the group up but gives .0002" head expansion.
Substituting a 160 Partition at 3.47OAL and using the same powder charge gives close enough to the same accuracy and the same MPI, although velocity is not known (probably a bit more than the NF)

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