300 Weatherby, 168 Grain TTSX, IMR 7828SSC

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300 Weatherby, 168 Grain TTSX, IMR 7828SSC

Post by Ringo »

Cartridge: 300 Weatherby

Brand of bullet: Barnes TTSX

Weight of bullet: 168 grains

Brand of brass: Weatherby (Normal), FL Sized

Type of powder: IMR 7828 SSC

Grains of powder: 86.50

Brand, and type of primer: CCI 250, Large Magnum Rifle

COL: 3.560"


Rifle: Blaser R8

Barrel Length: Blaser standard

Scope: 2-12

Weather conditions & temp: 64 degrees F, 30.12 in-Hg, 75% R/H, 600' AMSL

Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters: <.33 MOA CTC


Over max listed load for Weatherby with this bullet/powder. No pressure signs.
Concentricity (TRO): <.0015

Ringo, formerly rodell
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Re: 300 Weatherby, 168 Grain TTSX, IMR 7828SSC

Post by stokesrj »

Not that it would matter over normal hunting ranges but the 168 TTSX is a tougher construction than most other TTSX bullets designed to take the point blank range impacts without shearing a petal. This in turn increases the minimum impact threshold velocity to achieve expansion, it is contradictorily reported to be 2,000 fps and 1,800 fps. I called Barnes and they said that they did indeed toughen it and the 2,000 FPS minimum impact velocity was correct. I've also read the opposite.
Like I said, 200 or 300 yards this isn't a problem, but if you intend to use this bullet beyond those distances, especially on light game, take notice.
.33 MOA, wow, if that can be maintained it's a great load.
Robert J Stokes

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