7 SAUM 180 Berger Hybrids

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7 SAUM 180 Berger Hybrids

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(Cartridge) 7 SAUM

(Brand of bullet)Berger Hybrid

(Weight of bullet)180 grains

(Brand of brass)ADG

(Type of powder)RL16

(Grains of powder)52.7

(Brand, and type of primer) Tula LR MAgnum

(COAL) 2.95


(FPS/MPS) 2700

(Rifle) Bighorn Origin

(Barrel Length) 24 inch

(Scope) Kahles 5-25

(Weather conditions & temp) Upper 70s

(Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters) .375 or better, and consistent about it SD 5.9 for 5 shots

(Notes) Tried H4350 first 30 rounds. Worked up to a bit over 50 grains. Accuracy was decent but not super. SDs were great. Tried H4831, accuracy fair, but SDs were not good. Probably would have gotten better as i increased. All I wanted was to get 2700 and put about 50 more rounds through it to break in barrel. On a whim I remembered that RL 16 was around the same burn rate as H4350 and usually yielded about 25 FPS more velocity over H4350. Tried 51.7 accuracy fair SDs good, bout was only 2665 fps. Jumped it up a whole grain to 52.7. Primers still round, SD was 5.9 for 5 shots and it started punching a ragged hole. Not in one hole, but wadding them up together. I figure I get another 40 rounds through it. Clean it , I will keep going up and try to get above 2750. It is fed magazine length, and proof research carbon fiber barrel is only 24 inches long. Gotta lot of bullet jammed down into powder space. Right now it is in excess of 1500 FPE at 600 yards. Going to take it on an elk hunt next year, and that is more than enough.

There are no fleas on the 9.3s

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