Blaser Scopes ?

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Blaser Scopes ?

Post by dchamp »

Does any one out here in BlaserBuds own or have any experience with the Blaser RD-17 Red Dot or one of the Infinity scopes? From what I've seen on youtube, , they look pretty good and seem to function well but their price tag is pretty steep. I wonder, if the high price a result of Branding or are they really that good. Please share your thoughts.

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Re: Blaser Scopes ?

Post by Robert.M »

I have just mounted a Infinity 2,8-20x50 to my R8 and it looks very good. I've owned a Z8 2-16, V8 2,8-20 and some other high end scopes prior to this scope. I can't really say something more than: "it looks very good so far" since I haven't used it on the range or while hunting. The build quality is superb as with all blaserstuff & the glass is what you expect. Give me a PM if you want to know something else.

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