Titanium saddle mount and rings?

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Titanium saddle mount and rings?

Post by palmation »

I am new to Blaserbuds so please forgive me if this topic has been discussed before. Does any company make lighter-weight (titanium) saddle mounts and rings for Blaser rifles?

Thanks in advance for any info.


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Re: Titanium saddle mount and rings?

Post by Tomjoad »

Also curious about this. I found an Italian firm marketing this:

https://upgradeyourrifle.com/gb/mount/5 ... tanio.html

Anyone tried thus saddle mount?

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Re: Titanium saddle mount and rings?

Post by Af300e »

Osuma in finland make a very nice aluminium hard anodised mount that weighs about the same. I have taken mine on a few trips and it has bounced around (in a rifle bag) in the back of my car for 1000's of km. I take the scope off every time I clean the rifle and have had no issues holding zero.

The Dinpal ones seem to only be available in 25mm or 40mm rings. No stock of other sizes.

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Re: Titanium saddle mount and rings?

Post by Vaughan »

I think this fella (https://www.titanium-gunworks.com/) used to. Not sure if he still makes the mounts.....

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