First bacon for 2022

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First bacon for 2022

Post by Oscar »

Been a while since I posted some food with pics but 2021 was not good with lockdowns etc. will try to do better this year.

Have been playing around with trying to get the mix just right with my hone made bacon and may have just jagged it with this attempt. Last few batches have been good but a touch too salty and smoky.

For each kilo of pork belly, no rind, add
5% weight of salt
2% weigh brown sugar
Insta cure 1 as per brands instructions

Put in vac seal bag and add dry ingredients…make sure you get coverage ( if only light) over all meat.
Add just enough water ( around 50ml per 1.5 kilos) to make a slurry then lightly seal.
Keep in fridge for three days flipping every 12 hours

Take out of fridge and vac bags, pat dry then into the smoker.

1 hour of light smoke ( 50/50 hickory and birch) at 60C
3-4 hours at 90C with one more light smoke with birch.

The attached pics are for 4 kilos with the end product of six slices be vac sealed bag ( thhe pictures of the bags represent only about 1/3 dry of what I sealed up.

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Re: First bacon for 2022

Post by SPEEDY »

Nice, I do a similar thing but they are always tasty.
I'm soft and I don't care. :dance:

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Re: First bacon for 2022

Post by Kflattmann »

I’m hungry again!

You can’t mess up BACON!

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Re: First bacon for 2022

Post by mchughcb »

Cooking up a storm again Jason!

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Re: First bacon for 2022

Post by TheoR8 »

Great stuff Jason. :handgestures-thumbup:

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