Canned Venison

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Canned Venison

Post by Corjack »

I was in PA a while back, and a friend had canned up some deer meat. I remember my mom and grandmother doing that, and since my deep freeze is so full I can hardly find anything, I decided to give it a try.

Cubed it up about 5/8 inch chunks. Packed it, loosely and away I went. Ended up with 6 quarts, six pints and three pints of chili.

Looks good. Next time I will pack it tighter as it really cooked down more than I figured.
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Re: Canned Venison

Post by Chamois71 »

That there is some good stuff!! I’ve only ever seen/heard of folks in PA doing it. I also had a PA chap that did it with black bear…better than beef!
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Re: Canned Venison

Post by Blueranger »

my mom does this as well, it has become the top item on my brothers Christmas list. Great for a quick hot meal.

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Re: Canned Venison

Post by mchughcb »

Good stuff Ron. My workmate did a bunch and we were still using it years later in curries.

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Re: Canned Venison

Post by ebrownw2 »

I think I'm going to try this.

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Re: Canned Venison

Post by SPEEDY »

I've done that for camping meals, also done it with fat which I think is easier. But it tastes good and lasts long out of the fridge which is perfect for camping as you can keep more important things like the beer cold. 😉
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