Blaserbud Associate Training

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Re: Blaserbud Associate Training

Post by jeff »

mchughcb wrote:Yes in the oval next to the pagoda ballroom.
Not where I thought it was, but still recognised the City! :lol:



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Re: Blaserbud Associate Training

Post by mchughcb »

Yes next time, but i was flat out with work.

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Re: Blaserbud Associate Training

Post by secondtry »

mchughcb wrote:
secondtry wrote:Did you mean Kobnko, Charles ? Owned by Trish Bond ? Or ? If so, they would be my first choice if I were to get another drathaar.

That dog could be a twin of mine (now gone) appearance wise :) I like the full chocolate colour :) .
Okay, I stand corrected. Kobnko is where my other mate got his GWP. This one is from Ostoja in SA. Glad to have the blaserbuds to keep me on the straight an narrow ;)
That's interesting. My girl had some Ostoja a few generations back in her family tree. Might contribute to the similar looks.

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