Officer Stops a Potential School Shooter

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Officer Stops a Potential School Shooter

Post by icebug »

Very interesting!
If the school was a gun free zone, this incident would be covered by media much better for sure. ... e-incident

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Re: Officer Stops a Potential School Shooter

Post by thechamp »

Oh it's a gun free zone. All public and private schools in the USA are gun free zones courtesy our US government. Not sure what all idiots get the most credit but the name Biden is mentioned as one of the leaders of the pack who ran that legislation through. Gutfield did mention that it wasn't a gun free zone but that was misstated. And yes the MSM ignored it because it didn't fit their profile of 'news' that they consider important to report.

Btw the good looking lady on the left, Kimberly Guilfoyle is rumored to be Donald Trump Jr.'s new girlfriend. I'd say he hit that one out of the park. ... ews-facts/

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