Sig P365

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Sig P365

Post by ebrownw2 »

Anybody have one of these? The reviews seemed positive and the sales seem to back that up so I have one on the way to me. I don’t have any desire to carry, but thought a compact 9mm in the vehicle that could easily be stuffed in a pocket might have a place.

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Re: Sig P365

Post by slugslinger »

I have its predecessor, the P938 which I preferred because of the metal construction. I have just never warmed up to polymer frames.
The P365 has increased capacity (10+1) over the P938 (6 or 7+1) .
If its not going on your person (weight), one of the Officer Model 1911s will work, and some of them come in both 9mm and 45 ACP. The discontinued Springfield Armory Micro in 45 ACP is hard to find, but they still sell it new in 9mm and 380 ACP (not a fan of 380) . . .

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Re: Sig P365

Post by MM »

I have two friends that have them and they love them. They carry all the time.

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Re: Sig P365

Post by charles416mag »

I just got one and I like it a lot! Actually, I’m carrying it right now! I got the 12 round magazines for it. It is a nice carry piece and feels good in the hand. They have good reviews as well. My favorite pistol is still a Glock 19 though. But we will see after owning the p365 for a while. I also have a Glock 43 that I normally carry before buying this one. It is the difference between 6+1 for the Glock 43 and 12+1 for the sig. so let’s just say I’ll be carrying the sig from now on.

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Re: Sig P365

Post by Bloodhound »

I have two, my wife carries one and I the other, but with 12 rd. mag. For a CCW It is great, and shoots great.

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Re: Sig P365

Post by Arcturus »

I just bought the P365 Macro, but have not shot it. My subjective impression thus far: (1) typical striker fired pistol trigger; (2) amazing magazine capacity; (3) quite concealable.

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