Used F3 what should I be aware of?

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Used F3 what should I be aware of?

Post by Blaserjäger »

Hallo Everyone,
I am about to purchase my first Blaser shotgun- used F 3 from official Blaser dealer. Gun is in nice condition supposedly 8 or 9 year old - the only thing which bothers me it’s warranty is nearly over and locking lever is tiny bit misalign. This is kind of a new one to me, lever left of safety means worn action? I don't have enough knowledge of that to say if it’s right or wrong.
When O/U barrels are attached lever is straight along the axis line of barrel ( imaginary 12 - 6 o’clock position ) but when gun is open or barrel is unattached it’s slightly off ( sort off imaginary 11:30 - 5:30 o’clock line )
Dealer is telling me that it’s normal and gun has still plenty of life.
But I am a bit skeptic about it and suspect that it may be expensive repair or replacement on horizon. Am I correct on this one ???
Can anyone please advise and shed some light and explain to me why lever is bit off Center Line. Break action shotgun have the lever to the right when new or centered?
Any input advice will be truly appreciated and helpful.
Thanks in advance

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Re: Used F3 what should I be aware of?

Post by boltfed »

Hello. I had similar questions on a used f3. I found this forum post... here are the salient results from that post with link below:

“Okay, I think I have had my question/concerned answered. As suggested, I contacted Blaser and talked to the service department (Andre) and had a informative discussion. The bottom line is that the position of the lever really does not mean anything. As long as the lever is putting tension on the locking lug, it is fine. When the gun is serviced they will check to see if anything needs replacing. The locking lug that slides out at the bottom of the receiver has two numbers on it, the 12 deg, which means it fits the 12 deg barrels, and another number which is the size of the lug. They start at 10 and go to 28. So as things wear, the number goes up. Andre said they do not replace these until it is necessary as it extends the life out as long as possible. Mine is a 10.” ... se.527540/

Hope this helps. If still questioning I’d call Blaser or send in for a service checkup

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