Winchester 23

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Winchester 23

Post by stokesrj »

As a boy I always admired the Winchester 21 side by side shotgun and had a collection of full page foldouts of each years Grand American from my formative years. But by the time I saved enough money to buy one of those Grand Americans they were six figure guns and I could never justify buying one. Then in 1987 Winchester introduced a version of their model 23 with it's similar looks in what they called a Classic American configuration which was along the lines of the Grand American with its pistol grip, beavertail forearm and checkering pattern, but with less and in my opinion, more tasteful scroll engraving and a single game bird gold inlay. I bought a pair of them, one in 20 gauge and one in 410.

These were true scaled frames and I enjoyed the 410 more than the 20 because it was petite and very deadly on close flushing birds that were then the norm with my well trained bird dogs. It became my favorite shotgun until I got bit by the English game gun bug. I sold both my 23's to finance the purchase of a Gallyon and Sons 20 gauge side by side chocked cal and modified. I used it very effectively over the next two decades but eventually lost interest in the game gun thing and returned to my more traditional shotguns. But I really regretted ever getting rid of my model 23 410, it was a gem.

Then recently I did a search for "Winchester 23 410 classic" and low and behold there was one sitting in California just a few hours away. It was the identical American classic 410 just like my old one but new, in the box, unfired, for 32 years. So I bought it just to keep the momentum going in downsizing my collection.
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Re: Winchester 23

Post by pagosawingnut »

Those are damn nice little guns. Have had a few in my paws but never owned one. "Downsizing" seems to be going backwards............
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