Precision Priming

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Precision Priming

Post by Corjack »

I have used RCBS hand held priming tool for years, but seating lots of primers in tight pocket , high quality Lapua brass gets a bit tiresome on my getting older by the day hands. Bought a 28.00 Lee Bench prime, and after getting used to its few little quirks, have been using it pretty much 100 percent of the time over a bit more than a year. You gottta kinda flip the primer tray with your buckle every six or seven seatings, or the primers will not keep feeding out of the tray, a couple other very small little things, but the learning curve is short. Seems to me to have more than enough “feel” when seating, and getting constant seating is not a problem. Here is a review. This Gavin fellow always does a nice job.[BBvideo=560,315][/BBvideo]

I still have a hankering to try one of these Primal Rights Lite tools. You can set the priming depth so it is always constant. Cost 200.00. I have a little press that is not being used I could do a dedicated set up. [BBvideo=560,315][/BBvideo]

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Re: Precision Priming

Post by Joe338ST »

That is a very neat and efficient priming tool by Lee....Never seen it in Oz...And not overpriced....

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