7mm Blaser Mag information

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Re: 7mm Blaser Mag information

Post by 7BlaserMag »

SPEEDY wrote:Nice looking LR rig that, I prefer something like that over a super duper you bute tacticool rig.
Thank you and I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I'll be honest though, I'm not much of a fan of wood stocked guns and with the exception of a CZ 527, a couple Win model 94's and a few rimfire rifles, this is the ONLY centerfire rifle I have that has a wood stock as all the others have McM, Manners, or HS Prec stocks. ;)

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Re: 7mm Blaser Mag information

Post by SPEEDY »

Its not the wood its the style, I'm a huge believer in simple is best and love McMillan stocks, their probably the best in the world.
I'm still of the opinion that the best sniper rifle ever made was the M40A1, I would love to see one of them bumped up to 338lap for modern extended engagements.
That would really be something to see.
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Re: 7mm Blaser Mag information

Post by Kiwi_R8 »

Great information about the 7mm Blaser Mag.
The NZ Blaser Importer asked me if I wanted to consider that caliber as he also sold the Norma ammunition for it, since I was currently shooting 7mm Rem Mag.

I decided to order a "R8 Professional Success" because I had already built-up this data through reloading my previous Browning X-Bolt 7mm Rem Mag:

- 120g Sierra Pro-Hunter for Long-range rabbits
- 130g Sierra 'MatchKing' for Wallabys
- 150g Barnes TSX for Deer & Tahr
- 162g Hornady Interlocks for Steel.

The purchase of the R8, introduced some changes to my reloading process for the R8 in that:
- I now FULL LENGTH size my Norma brass and
- am about to order a Redding Titanium Nitride bushing

So as a new member, this Forum is providing me with great information, hence my first post.

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Re: 7mm Blaser Mag information

Post by Dickie »

Hi all
I'm finding this really interesting, I have a R8 GRS and semi weight barrel so any load data will be great I'm still using the Norma factory ammo I have but was looking to load Barnes ttsx for mine.

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Re: 7mm Blaser Mag information

Post by Dickie »

I forgot to say I got a set of Lee dies very easily and it's the 150 Ttsx I was thinking of loading, I asked on here about reloading for it but didn't get very far.

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Re: 7mm Blaser Mag information

Post by DocH »

Is there any news about 7mm Blaser Magnum development???

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Re: 7mm Blaser Mag information

Post by KZ45 »

I had to brake away from that project for a bit, and am now in the process of moving. When I get my loading stuff set up, it's going to be the first thing I get back into. I'll post any new findings in this thread.

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Re: 7mm Blaser Mag information

Post by Dickie »

Anyone got any further with any loads for the 7mm Blaser mag?

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Re: 7mm Blaser Mag information

Post by escard »

Dear lonely friend of the 7mm BM:
You did right to take this barrel. :)

I use that chambering in a Mod. R93. Never shot bullets lighter than 140 grainers (Accubonds), most of my load development was around 160 & 175 grs Nosler Partitions. With these heavy-weights your very rare and in no way popular chambering 7-BM shows its full potential very clearly!

For Starting-loads take the maximum charge of 7mm RemMag data as a beginning. you can go far above that data toostep by step. Interestingly, working up full-house loads this way I got velocities with the 160/175 NoPartition without a problem. Eventually I landed at the same high level as commercial 7mm Wby loadings (home-made 7-Wby will do better with these heavies of course)!

measured velocities are topping the hardest 7mm RemMag loadings by 100-150 fps without any hocuspocus, this means a lot more high-energy-transfer on animals while reaching out, the 175/.284 bullets are extremely gentle rockets. by the way: my best 175 grain hunting load (NosPart) leaves the barrel at 3040 fps and shoots flatter than a 300 Wby with 180 grainers do).

Cannot say, if the chamber pressure in my loads is right on CIP-maximum (maybe), while the case extracts without problems and the primer pocket seems as tight as before I see no problem not doing so. The only bad thing could be the ending of the production for 7-BM brass because this chambering is not a commercial burner as well here in Europe.

Good luck while starting your self-made ammo, with a little patience you could become a very happy 7-BM hunter -
also very important for fitting the ammo in those tight blaser-chambers: always use the same locking-head on your blaser!


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Re: 7mm Blaser Mag information

Post by 9.3x64 »

Just wondering how you 7mm Blaser Magnum guys are going.
Anymore experience or load development you can share?

Thanks Allan
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Re: 7mm Blaser Mag information

Post by Gamsjagd »

I have a 7mm Blaser barrel on a 700 clone action being chambered for me. I bought the brass last year on a huge close out from Norma and ended up with 450 rounds of it. Mine will be a fast twist 1-8 Proof Research Carbon fiber barrel that should finish at 24 inches long. From other guys that have done this in New Zealand and the US, they are getting 180 grainers at 3000 FPS without a lot of problems.

If I didn't get the big stockpile of brass, for 8$ US per 25 pieces I would have never gone down this rabbit hole. 28 Nosler being more commercially available, and good old 7mm Remington Magnum being fine.

Action is a Zermatt Bighorn Tl3, and I was using it as a 300 Winchester. It never did well in that chambering, as that barrel wasn't very good with most bullets I tried. As it was a cheap Savage pre-fit barrel from Douglas.

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