308 with 168 Classic Hunters

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308 with 168 Classic Hunters

Post by Corjack »

I may go on an elk hunt with Ebrownw2. If I get drawn, I plan on taking my 308. Decided the 168 Berger Classic hunters would be a good option.

Ordered myself a new Swarovski Z6 2.5-15x44 with a BT to keep the weight down.

Had a jug of IMR4895 I was not using and loaded up a handful of rounds with 41.9 grains, and an overall length of 2.8. After getting an initial zero, I shot my last four rounds at this 3/4 inch dot. The high one was the cold bore. I came down a tenth, and left a tenth. Loaded up a few more rounds with 42.1. Will try them at the range in a few days.

On another note, I had been using my Thunder beast ultra 7, but switched to my Harvester suppressor as it is longer and balances the rifle better. I think the brake on the front was helping me stay on target better.
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Re: 308 with 168 Classic Hunters

Post by canalrifle »

Elk with a green dot on their side are in danger.

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Re: 308 with 168 Classic Hunters

Post by dchamp »

My friends in Wyoming and Colorado only use Bergers. I’ve used Bergers on elk once and it work extremely well. This last season I used a 198gr Hammer Hunter in my 8mmRem Mag at 585yds. It work very well also. Hammer bullets are a little different but interesting.
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