New "Schwäble" in da house

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Re: New "Schwäble" in da house

Post by 9.3x64 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:34 am

Kolostrum wrote:
9.3x64 wrote:
Kolostrum wrote:Hello Blaserbuds,

i think i am a Member since early 2017 but never wrote a thing ... until today.
So, i am glad to be a part of this great forum.

My Blasers are two R8, chambered in .308 and 9,3x62.

All the best to you all and happy hunting
Hi Kolostrum,
I do not mean to offend but I am just curious about the meaning of "New "Schwäble" in da house"?
Swabian perhaps?
Thankyou Allan
Hy Allan,

yes, you are right. To be a "Schwäble" means to be a member of these outstanding people :) :D that live between Stuttgart and the Lake of Constance. It is swabian dialect. The land of Mercedes, Audi, Porsche an all these other nice and environmentally friendly car makers.... :mrgreen: But the best of all: i am just 30 Minutes away from Blaser in Isny.

Thanks mate. :clap:

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