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Re: New Member from Australia

Post by Central Vic » Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:32 am

Well I'm settling into my Blaser. The first couple of trips to the range weren't super successful and it took a lil to get used to. Particularly the professional success stock. I think I was just a bit too precious with it.

The last two trips have been great though with everything start to click. The rifle is just a joy to use. I've found myself finishing up a session just grinning at how awesomely everything works. Even down to pulling off the barrel to give it a good clean while others bumble around getting solvent all through their actions. In terms of accuracy its well beyond my capabilities and is giving me something to grow into / aspire to. Attached is my best shot of the afternoon on a very blustery day. 4 shots into about 1.1 inches at 200m off a sandbag on the bench. The Hornady HPBT 168gr match ammo seems to be the best so far (and is also surprisingly cheap for the 50 packs). Though ELD-Xs, AMAX and ELD-M are plenty accurate enough for hunting.

Off to the US in 3 weeks and looking forward to picking up a few more accessories for it, including saddle mounts (with the screwdriver) for more reasonable money.
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