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New to the site...

Post by globalstar66 »

Hi all

I'm new to posting on this site, although I've been reading and getting valuable info on here for a few months now.

Originally from South Africa, but live in Canada now. I own mostly CRF rifles in various calibers and brands, and recently got a new Sauer 404 with a few barrels, and now looking at adding a Blaser R8 and some barrels to the collection.

Really nice being here, and being able to have access to such a large knowledge base.

Cheers from Alberta!!

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Re: New to the site...

Post by sav338 »

Welcome aboard , great to have you here. Enjoy

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Re: New to the site...

Post by pagosawingnut »

Welcome aboard!
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Re: New to the site...

Post by 9.3x64 »

Welcome aboard mate.
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Re: New to the site...

Post by Rod »

šŸ‘ welcome

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Re: New to the site...

Post by SPEEDY »

What they said. šŸ‘
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Re: New to the site...

Post by canalrifle »

If you like Sauer and Blaser, you are in good company here.

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