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Re: New member from Wisconsin

Post by SPEEDY »

It is the most versitile of the medium bores and doesn't come with the unpleasant recoil of the big bores.
Its a true do it all gun and I enjoyed using it on everything until I found the 9.3x62, it's not nearly as flat shooting although with a 250gn pill it's still quite good, but it's got less recoil, I think of a 9.3x62 as 3/4 the power of the H&H at 1/2 the recoil. But the H&H isn't that bad recoil wise, I prefer it to a 300mag any day on that score, it will deliver a lot of energy down range and put a big hole in things.
It's one of those calibre that would be on my short list if I could only have one rifle.

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Re: New member from Wisconsin

Post by Joe338ST »

A big welcome Brian. You'll learn a lot here!

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