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Post by Sericata »

Hi Guys

Bit of a intro


.22 R93. .222 R8. .243 R8. 6.5 x 55 R93. .308 R8. Anschutz 22 Hornet 17 hornet

Hobbies are fly fishing, work Deer and Foxes

Been shooting for some time, still enjoying it

Look forward to contributing to the site

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Re: Intro

Post by Vaughan »

Nice to have another water-flogger onboard... :handgestures-thumbup:

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Re: Intro

Post by pagosawingnut »

Welcome aboard! Good bunch of guys here. You should fit right in.
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Re: Intro

Post by deerhunter338mag »

Welcome aboard buddy hope you enjoy it here
Measure it, when it’s on the deck

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Re: Intro

Post by canalrifle »

Welcome to the good group.

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Re: Intro

Post by TheoR8 »

:text-welcomewave: to BlaserBuds. :handgestures-thumbup:

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Re: Intro

Post by 9.3x64 »

Welcome aboard mate.
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Re: Intro

Post by Joe338ST »

A big welcome! Enjoy being a Blaserbud.....

I hunt, I shoot, I camp, I fish. They are the great reset buttons in my life.

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Re: Intro

Post by sav338 »

welcome to BB look forward to some hunting stories and pics.

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