.375 H&H with 350g Woodleigh

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.375 H&H with 350g Woodleigh

Post by Gun Barrel Ecologist » Thu Oct 22, 2015 11:15 pm

Cartridge: .375 H&H

Brand of bullet: Woodleigh RNSN & FMJ

Weight of bullet: 350g

Brand of brass: Hornady

Type of powder: ADI AR 2209

Grains of powder: 70

Brand, and type of primer: Federal Gold Medal Match 215 LRM

COL: seated to cannulure is 91.3 & 91.5mm respectively

FPS/MPS: unchronied

Rifle: R93

Barrel Length: 25 3/4 inch

Scope: 1,1-4X Kahles

Weather conditions & temp

Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters: RNSN & FMJs shot into the same sub MoA group in my rifle

Notes: It works but if I did it again I'd use the PP and crimp them in tight

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