6x47 Lapua 105 Berger Hybrid H4350

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6x47 Lapua 105 Berger Hybrid H4350

Post by Corjack »

(Cartridge) 6x47 Lapua necked down 6.5x47 lapua brass

(Brand of bullet) Berger Hybrid

(Weight of bullet) 105

(Brand of brass) Lapua

(Type of powder) H4350

(Grains of powder) 38.5

(Brand, and type of primer) CCI 450

(COAL) 15 thousands off a hard touch


(FPS/MPS) 3027 fps average 7 shots SD 3.3

(Rifle) Bighorn Action Hawk Hill Barrel

(Barrel Length) 27.5 inches

(Scope) K525

(Weather conditions & temp) 75 degrees

(Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters) pretty much one hole. Stacks them on top of each other at 600 yards.

(Notes) seems mild should be easy on brass.

There are no fleas on the 9.3s

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