6.5X55 Barnes 120 grain TTSX

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6.5X55 Barnes 120 grain TTSX

Post by Corjack »

(Cartridge) 6.5X55

(Brand of bullet) Barnes TTSX

(Weight of bullet) 120 grains

(Brand of brass) Lapua

(Type of powder) AA4350

(Grains of powder) 47

(Brand, and type of primer) CCI magnum

(COL) 3.150

(FPS) est 2825

(Rifle) Sako Finnlight 20.5 inch barrel

(Scope) Swarovski 2-12X50

(Weather conditions & temp.) 80 degrees

(Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters) three good center hits on a 6 inch gong, at 400 yards

(Notes) I started out with the bullets seated in the center of the driving band closest to the tip, and that was way under suggested COL. I was using 46 grains of AA4350. I then kept lengthening out 1/2 turn of a RCBS seating stem at a time, and shooting it. It tried being accurate at about 3.160, but not great. Then accuracy fell off, as I got closer to the lands. I then went up one grain, and went in reverse, loading up three rounds, and shooting them, then screwing the stem in 1/2 turn at a time. At 3.150 it went to singing. This is the recommended CIP length for the 6.5X55. I did not plan it that way, just how it decided to roll. Also note that this load is slightly above the CIP max for the 6.5X55, but under what a 30-06 is loaded to. I guess it needed just a tad more pressure to get the Barnes bullets to shoot decent hunting size groups.

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Re: 6.5X55 Barnes 120 grain TTSX

Post by stokesrj »

A few years ago my youngest son accompanied me to the Eastern Cape of South Africa using the same bullet and very close to the same load as you in his 6.5X55. He took several head of plains game with this load including a Roland Ward Record book Steinbok at around 75 yards up to a Black Springbuck at around 375 yards. I was usually watching over his shoulder with my binoculars and could watch the trace all the way to the animal and see the point of impact. No bullets were recovered due to excessive penetration even when shooting the animals length wise. In most cases there was a large plume of dust on the other side of the animal and an audible ricochet sound as the bullet continued towards the horizon. All animals were recovered but many of them traveled up to 150 yards before succumbing.
My impressions were that a traditional lead core and gilded metal jacket design would have been superior. But the Barns 120 TSX did get the job done.
His rifle is a CZ 550FS which likes this bullet producing around .75 MOA groups. Like you, I tried various seating depths and loads and found that a COL very near yours shot best, and it was very sensitive to jump length.
Robert J Stokes

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