8X57 160 TTSX CFE223

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8X57 160 TTSX CFE223

Post by Corjack »

Cartridge 8x57

Brand of bullet Barnes TTSX

Weight of bullet 160 grains

Brand of brass RWS

Type of powder Hogdon CFE 223

Grains of powder 51.6

Brand, and type of primer Winchester Large Rifle

COL 3.195


Rifle Blaser R8

Barrel Length 52cm

Scope Swarovski 2-12x50

Weather conditions & temp a bit too breezy

Accuracy @ 100 yards .5


Started at 50 grains. Accuracy just got better, the higher I went. I am hitting the gongs nicely, at 300 yards, but it is pretty windy. I will wait until the wind lays, and try the load out again at longer ranges.
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Re: 8X57 160 TTSX CFE223

Post by dchamp »

Looks like a good start. QL estimates 2649fps & 44012psi with what you have presented.

I've used 52.5gr of CFE223 with 180gr TSX bullets@ 3.15" going around 2640fps. Alliant's 2000MR and Big Game gave almost identical results with same charge weight.

I am currently shooting 160gr TTSX in 8x57 in a Sako85 w/54CM barrel with 48.5gr IMR3031 and am getting near 2800fps. I look forward to seeing how things work out. I think the 160gr TTSX bullet is a great choice for the 8X57
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