8X57 Barnes 160 Grain TTSX

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8X57 Barnes 160 Grain TTSX

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Was a beautiful day when I got up. Just too good not to shoot something. Decided to play with the 20 inch R8 Attaché barrel, and 160 grain TTSX Barnes bullets. Quickload keeps telling me that IMR 3031 is about the most efficient powder in the 8x57, and the 9.3x62 with short barrels, and lighter bullets. Loaded up a few seated too about the middle of the second driving band. First group out of a clean barrel, was a tad over an inch. The second one shot a nice clover leaf that measured .730. Then started shooting at 400 yards, and the first three printed about a 6 inch group. Then the wind kicked up, and was gusting to 20+ MPH. Could not hit poop at 400 yards, went back too a hundred, was shooting great groups vertically, most under .5 MOA, but where stringing out horizontally 1.5 inches. Wind was gusting with no consistency too it, hardly blowing on my deck, but bending the trees over at 100 yards. In the middle of this, I seated bullets to the top of the second driving band, and my last two groups looked like you laid them out with a ruler left too right. I think this is a good load, and will try it again on a less breazy day.

(Cartridge) 8X57

(Brand of bullet) Barnes TTSX

(Weight of bullet) 160

(Brand of brass) Remington

(Type of powder) IMR 3031

(Grains of powder) 49 grains

(Brand, and type of primer) Winchester Large Rifle

(COL) 3.160

(FPS) Quickload est. 2812 FPS

(Rifle) Blaser R8

(Barrel Length) 20 inches

(Scope) 2-12 Swarovski Z6

(Weather conditions & temp.) Cool, and pleasant. Then turning off very breezy.

(Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters) .730 inches

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