GRS Ragnarok opinions

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GRS Ragnarok opinions

Post by OR4NGE »

I am thinking of building myself a nice R8 308 ELR rig.

The investment required to get a GRS Ragnarok stock is considerable so was wondering to the few of you that actually have and use one how was your experience with it ?

I have a GRS Bolthorn stock for my SSG 3000 and Love it so no need to convince me of the quality of GRS products, just not sure if going the ragnarok way will be effective enough to be worth it as you need to sacrifice an R8 Professionnal stock.

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Re: GRS Ragnarok opinions

Post by Gamsjagd »

The adjustment system for the butt stock is horrible compared to the Bolthorn, wood, and Berserk models. They cheapened everything up and went with plastic on plastic with a metal spring.

I sent mine back a few weeks ago, never even installed it. Pissed off.

The problem with the wood one is that a lot of them have been breaking in the grip. If you are going to drop that much, I am not sure what I would currently do. But it wouldn't be a GRS unless it was a Berserk.

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