7mm Remington SAUM

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7mm Remington SAUM

Post by Corjack »

I got an aftermarket Blaser R8 7 SAUM barrel over 1.5 years ago, but kinda got disenchanted with it.

I bought a Proof Research Senduro lite 24 inch barrel this year. Got it chambered up last week, and screwed it on a Bighorn origin action today. I have a Manners hunting stick ordered for it, but dropped it in one of my PRS1 comp stocks. Used a Kahles 5-25, cause it was setting there, but plan on moving a Z8 Swarovski to it as soon as I get loads developed. When I put the Swarovski on it, that will save 10+ ounces. The new Manners stock will be over a pound lighter as well.

I shot twelve rounds through it, got one group of slightly over a half inch, loaded up three more and it opened up to a tad over an inch. Then. It iced my suppresser was a bit loose. Was getting dark so I stopped fir the evening. I am using Berger 180 Hybrids and H4350. When I get a bit more than 20 rounds through it I will crono it and decide if I need to go to H4831. Would like 2750-2800. After barrel has settled in I will use Hornady 175 Grain ELDX for Hunting.
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Re: 7mm Remington SAUM

Post by Joe338ST »

That is a nice calibre and a nice rifle!

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Re: 7mm Remington SAUM

Post by mchughcb »

That's one serious rig.

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Re: 7mm Remington SAUM

Post by Arcturus »

Just started shooting the 7 SAUM. Using the Kahles 318i. Shooting 168 gr. VLDs.

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