Blaser R8 vs Tikka for Long Range Shooting an Hunting

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Re: Blaser R8 vs Tikka for Long Range Shooting an Hunting

Post by secondtry » Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:00 am

deerhunter338mag wrote:I think it really comes down to the guy pulling the trigger. Heavy guns sure make it a lot more easier to shoot longer distances as there’s less issues with the operator. It’s always fun to let guys that have never shot more than a few hundred meters have a crack out to 1000m and hit the target. But give them a lighter gun and they miss every time. If it’s a light gun it becomes more about technique and skill and taking the time to learn how to precision shoot .
So very true.

I often hunt with a very light turn bolt. Recently had the opportunity to get some trigger time behind a turn bolt which was only a pound heavier, but the extra weight was all in the heavier and longer barrel. Good trigger fitted. Just so much easier to shoot the heavier rifle. Any flaws in technique or lapses in concentration with the light one are very, very obvious on the target.

I suppose a trap with more forgiving rifle is that it can mask poor technique, until poor technique wins and bites you.

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Re: Blaser R8 vs Tikka for Long Range Shooting an Hunting

Post by stokesrj » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:05 pm

I was just reading that the Tikka A7 in 7mm mag has a short magazine box. Not an issue for traditional ranges but a significant barrier to long range use due to the fact that seating depth cannot be tuned for optimum accuracy which typically occurs at 3.405-3.425" with long range bullets. I don't know this first hand as mine were in other calibers but it is something to look at if your considering an A7 in 7mm Rem Mag.
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Re: Blaser R8 vs Tikka for Long Range Shooting an Hunting

Post by 7x57 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:09 pm

You are correct that one of the short comings of the Tikka has been the magazine feed from longer cases such as the 7 mm Rem Mag and not being able to maximise the seating depth. Not sure about the Sako A7 .
In the short action I always replace bottom metal (Lumley Arms or similar) to allow use of AI mags etc.
You have a very innovative group in the States working on Tikka aftermarket gear and they are now providing a fix for the shortcomings of the longer cases.

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Re: Blaser R8 vs Tikka for Long Range Shooting an Hunting

Post by deerhunter338mag » Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:03 pm

I had a A3 Tikka in heavy barrel in 243. I used the 95gr VLD hunting and target. All I did was use the 6.5x55 mag as the out side of the magazines are all the same. Feed properly and could seat them out further. Might be worth looking at a different mag.
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