30.06 or Magnum -7mm rem Mag/300 win mag-

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Re: 30.06 or Magnum -7mm rem Mag/300 win mag-

Post by Joe338ST »

Wow - all brilliant trophies. I would be all smiles with those.....Looks like you've got all your gear well tuned....


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Re: 30.06 or Magnum -7mm rem Mag/300 win mag-

Post by stokesrj »

This ELD-Xs look about perfect to me. They shed enough weight to create a wide wound channel that will totally destroy vital organs. Tougher bullets create a narrower wound channel and in my experience produce noticeably slower kills especially at extended ranges. The Nosler Partition remains one of my all time favorite bullets in spite of it’s inferior ballistic coefficient it kills really well due to it’s highly frangible front core combined with its harder and protected rear core that drives deep penetration. Unfortunately the low BC robs it of effectiveness beyond 500-600 yards depending on initial velocity. So be very careful choosing a tougher bullet, if shooting beyond short to medium range.
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Re: 30.06 or Magnum -7mm rem Mag/300 win mag-

Post by secondtry »

A good trip :) Well done !

ELDX are plenty tough enough for what you were doing. Weight retention is over rated and over emphasized. :)

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