6.5X47 130 Berger VLD Hunting

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6.5X47 130 Berger VLD Hunting

Post by Corjack » Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:26 pm

(Cartridge) 6.5X47

(Brand of bullet) Berger

(Weight of bullet) 130 VLD Hunting

(Brand of brass) Lapua

(Type of powder) Alliant Rl 15

(Grains of powder) 37

(Brand, and type of primer) CCI No. 41

(COL) 2.755

(FPS) Not known

(Rifle) Savage Shilen Select Match

(Barrel Length) 22 inch

(Scope) Swarovski Z6 3-18X50 BRH

(Weather conditions & temp.) Cool 55 degrees, variable winds to 10 MPH

(Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters) 5/8 inch at 100 yards

(Notes) Drug out my POS Savage. Started at 35 grains of Rl 15. Was getting vertical stringing. Kept fiddling with seating depth, and going up in charge .5 grains at a time. When I got to 37, and a seating depth of 1/4 turn of a forester seating stem off the lands. (out 1/4 fairly obvious resistance, down 1/4, no perceptible resistance. May be very lightly touching) Shot what was an honest 5/8 inch group. Probably 1/2 if I had measured it. Got the range on the 300 yard gongs. Hit the 3 incher 3 times in a row with last three shots. Loaded up 5 more rounds. Hit the big gong twice at 400 yards, slightly high of center. Made a slight hold adjustment, hit the 6 inch gong fairly well centered. Then took the last two, and dead centered the 3 inch gong twice at 400 yards. Pretty good for me, after three pots of tea, and not having shot much lately. Need to study a bit, and see if there is any more room left to increase load, but will not mess with it for now, as the weather is cool.

There are no fleas on the 9.3s

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