6.5X47 Barnes 140 matchburners H4895

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6.5X47 Barnes 140 matchburners H4895

Post by Corjack » Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:09 pm

Cartridge 6.5X47

Brand of bullet Barnes

Weight of bullet 140 grains

Brand of brass Lapua

Type of powder H4895

Grains of powder 34.9

Brand, and type of primer CCI No. 41

COL 2.6925

FPS/MPS 2684 average, SD 10, ES 18

Rifle CPR 1-S

Barrel Length 22 inches

Scope Swarovski Z5 5-25

Weather conditions & temp 80 degrees

Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters .5 MOA


After a bit of scope mount being loose drama. On a whim I dumped some H4895. I got about 5 pounds of it, and it is temp stabil, so I said why not. At 34.6 I was getting a bit of vertical, but it could have been me. The one group was touching the lands just enough, that when you tried to extract a loaded round, you felt a little redistance when you pulled the bolt back. I screwed the forester seating stem in 1/4 turn, and they have pretty fine threads. Loaded the 34.9 load, put two in one hole, and one .5 right. Could have been me. I would like to see a bit lower ES. I will fiddle with this some more when I get more bullets. Ignore all the other holes, I was too lazy to put up,a new target,many was shooting at previous bullet holes for an aiming point.
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