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ZnikiZ Turret Rings for Swarovski

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:10 am
by thechamp
ZnikiZ is now set up to take orders via the internet and have the rings shipped from the states instead of Denmark thus making the shipping on one set affordable. These rings replace the original 3 'dot' rings that Swarovski Ballistic Turret scopes come with. Instead of having to remember what range each dot represents you replace them with 5 rings which are marked with yardage markers. I've been using them now for quite a while and they make the BT system more precise as well, user friendly and the most economic turret system going. You buy ONE for your scope and it can be used on every conceivable load. Compare that to $150 for custom turrets that become obsolete the moment you change loads.

With this system you enter your load info whether factory ammo or custom loaded ammo into the Swarovski program and it will give you the hold overs for that cartridge in 'clicks'. Using the stop feature of the Swarovski scopes you set your initial sight in range as your first marker. Normally in my case that is 200 yards. The numbered rings stop at 500 yards and he has 3 rings which are simply markers that you would have to remember if you exceed the 500 yard rings. For most of us the 500 yard markers are all we'll ever use.

They come in two models, the TR-10001 and the TRS-10002. They'll work on the Z6 and Z5 scopes whether illuminated or not.

The cost is 79 Euros per set and 11 Euros for shipping. From what I've seen the shipping is combined if more than one set is ordered. Currently that equals a bit over $98 US. Exchange rates do change a lot so that number will vary.

The TRS-1001 (Orange box) fits these scopes:
Z6 1.7-10x42 BT
Z6 2.5-15x44 BT
Z6 2.5-15x56 BT
Z6 5-30x50 BT

TRS-10002 (Blue box) fits these scopes:
Z6 2-12x50
Z6 3-18x50
Z5 3.5-18x44
Z5 5-25x52 BT

ZnikiZ video that demonstrates the system in use.

Couple of photos of the ones I have on my personal scopes: