Massive new list of banned/restricted firearms in Canada

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Massive new list of banned/restricted firearms in Canada

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For anyone, like me, who crosses the Canadian border to hunt, you need to be aware of the continuing attempt by Trudeau and his Liberal party to ban hunting rifles in Canada. The latest list of firearms runs ot 103,987 pages. It's really crazy and there appears to be little rationale, or forearms knowledge, behind bans and restrictions. For example, per Terry Wieland, writing in Safari Times, an amendment to a bill purported to be about handguns proposed banning " the Weatherby Mark V in all its forms because they could "readily" be rebarreled to .460 Wetherby". Why is the venerable .460 banned? Apparently, it's because its muzzle energy exceeds a magic 7,375. For reasons know only to some federal bureaucrat or Liberal politician, that is some red line. Fortunately, so far, that amendment has been withdrawn after 4 provinces said they would refuse ot enforce the ban, some even threatening to invoke the Notwithstanding clause of the Canadian constitution to override federal law or even Supreme Court decisions that infringe in areas of provincial sovereignty. The far left socialist party, the NDP, which is propping up Trudeau in a minority government, also objected to the deeply unpopular amendment. Thanks for that info Terry.

Nonetheless there are now not only 103,987 pages of firearms, many unrestricted, some banned outright and many restricted. I went looking for a searchable online database to help make sure I only travel with a firearm that's legal. It appears that the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies has a searchable database but the public gets to download a PDF file. Searching that big a document is well nigh impossible in any reasonable period of time. The document is password protected making saving it as a PDF and the converting it to a searchable document very difficult. I have been able to extract just the section dealing with Blaser R8. While most Blasers are not restricted some are. Just the section of the list dealing with Blaser R8's is 88 pages long! I have a PDF of those pages for Blaser R8 available if anyone want it.

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