257 Weatherby Mag

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Location: Ohio

257 Weatherby Mag

Post by MM »

I like Nosler Partitions and they make them in 100,115,and 120 grain weights, what is your favorite for this caliber if you have experience with it?
If you have another good load that you have hunted with let me know that too,because I have no experience with this cartridge.

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Re: 257 Weatherby Mag

Post by slugslinger »

Excellent deer and Pronghorn rifle.
I use 110g Nosler Accubonds with Reloder 22. I tried Partitions but they just weren't as accurate in my rifle (Wby Mark V).
I also used Hodgdon H1000, but ran out during the powder shortage.
Accuracy load (grains of powder) of course varies by rifle.


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Re: 257 Weatherby Mag

Post by PerfectShot »

A fantastic cartridge for game up to 60 kg. (=132 lb). In Germany this is roe deer, chamois, young red deer (calves) and young wild boars.
I shoot this cartridge from my Blaser K95 with a 65 cm (= 25,6 inch) barrel. The bullets I use, are the Nosler Accu Bond (110 grains) and the Nosler Ballistic Tip (100 grains). Both bullets shoot from my gun at the same point. The powder I use for the Nosler AB is NORMA MRP. Bullet velocity with the Nosler Accu Bond is 3346 fps. For the Nosler Ball.Tip I use the Reload-Swiss RS 70. The muzzle velocity is a “moderate” 3443 fps. The precision is outstanding! 0.7MOA.

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