.22 Hornat with Blaser K95

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.22 Hornat with Blaser K95

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(Cartridge) .22 Hornet

(Brand of bullet) RWS JAGD MATCH

(Weight of bullet) 46,6 grain

(Brand of brass) RWS

(Type of powder) Rottweil R910

(Grains of powder)

(Brand, and type of primer) RWS STANDARD

(COAL) 43,3 inch

(CBTO) ??????

(FPS/MPS) 2481 fps

(Rifle) Blaser K95

(Barrel Length) 600mm or 24 inch

(Scope) Leupold VARIX III 3,5-10 x 50

(Weather conditions & temp) ---

(Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters) 0,5 inch

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Re: .22 Hornat with Blaser K95

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That’s a very useful load.
The Hornet is a fantastic little round. :clap:
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