In trouble with the wife again, so worth it.

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In trouble with the wife again, so worth it.

Post by SPEEDY »

My wife like many other strange people is obsessed with taking photos of every mean, every dish, every damn time to put up on Facebook, yes she's one of those people.
Anyway I was enjoying a good day for the most part at a fishing park as we're on holiday over in Thailand visiting family.
Well she sends me pictures to check before she posted about the dinner we had the night before, and even by thai standards this place was blistering, ring burning, almost fatality hot.
Well about two minutes later and for probably the 4th time that morning I was painfully destroying the parks porcelain furniture.
Then in one of my this is going to get me in so much trouble, but I just can't help myself moment's I snapped a pic of the sheer destruction I had unleashed on the poor innocent porcelain.
I then sent it too her with the caption.

"You have the before photo, this is the after photo, I should tag this to your post so people get the full picture of just what they are getting themselves into"

That didn't go down well as suspected, but tonight at dinner she was snapping pictures again, and every time she gave me a warning look and I couldn't help but pass myself laughing.
The BIl and SIL had no idea what to make of the exchange.
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Re: In trouble with the wife again, so worth it.

Post by dchamp »

:lol: :lol: My wife does the same thing and then complains if I watch something on YouTube.
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Re: In trouble with the wife again, so worth it.

Post by Vaughan »

Too funny.. :lol:

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