Minox Riflescope ?

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Minox Riflescope ?

Post by Bushman »

Has anybody seen or had in hand a Minox Scope ?
I did'nt knew that they started producing riflescopes - lenses made in Germany, assembled in USA ? Maybe a product to compete with Zeiss Conquest and Leupold ?

I think Minox make good binoculars.

http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?ci ... 4291331843

http://www.minox.com/fileadmin/download ... es_web.pdf
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Re: Minox Riflescope ?


Minox makes great glass for the money, I have a couple sets of their bino's and have been very pleased- I would like see one of the scopes..

Seems I heard Leica owned Minox a few years ago

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Re: Minox Riflescope ?

Post by Dom »

I'm a MInox fan, have a couple of their spotters. I believe cameralandny has specs & pics, but not sure they can be ordered just yet. I wouldn't hesitate trying one of the scopes, but if I remember correctly they didn't have either the size or an illuminated reticle which I prefer so I haven't pursued getting one just yet, Waidmannsheil, Dom.
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Re: Minox Riflescope ?

Post by Corjack »

I will have to try one of those 3-9s.
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Re: Minox Riflescope ?

Post by 505Ed »

I might try one this summer--along with a trijicon 1x4 green post 30mm

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Re: Minox Riflescope ?

Post by Vol423 »

I have two 1.7-6X 30mm. Both illuminated. They are Great big game and combination gun scopes.

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Re: Minox Riflescope ?

Post by D16er »

A few months ago I was very interested in their ZP5 model with the THLR reticle but went another route, now I am interested in their MD 60 ZR spotting scope with the MSR2 reticle.

If I happen to get it down the line I will report back.

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Re: Minox Riflescope ?

Post by sjs52 »

I own 2 MINOX scopes and very pleased. My son has one mounted on his 300 WSM. I also owned and sold (a mistake) a pair of 8x44 APO aspherical lense binoculars 5 years ago at New England Custom Gun, collecting dust on the shelf, sold as a demo. If I could find another pair I would buy them in a heart beat.

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Re: Minox Riflescope ?

Post by Blueranger »

I have the Minox ZE 5i 3-18X56 with the BDC reticle. Very good glass, cross hairs are fine as frog hair, but that has not been an issue with the illuminated cross hairs. Has spare battery holder onboard. Have not done much practice with the BDC since I have it on my R8 22lr conversion. Got the scope as part of a Blaser package several years ago, If I had the chance to do it over, I would go forgo the BDC reticle. Overall I would rate the glass on par with the Leupold VX6. Manual says it is designed and assembled in Germany. I thought they were at some point associated with Blaser. Of course the dials are measured in centimeters.

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