Leica Amplus 6 Scopes

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Leica Amplus 6 Scopes

Post by Alan1187@outlook.com »

Would like to hear opinions I purchased a 2.5 x 15-50i from Euro Optic.



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Re: Leica Amplus 6 Scopes

Post by rsenatro »

Solid. A good value. I have several leica scopes and all have performed well. You’ll be happy with the amplus. It will not differ much from the most expensive scopes until the light gets very low.

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Re: Leica Amplus 6 Scopes

Post by joelgoodenough »

My only complaint on mine is that the dot is not viewable in daylight. I asked Leica about it to verify that was the way it was supposed to be, and they confirmed that it was meant only to be seen in low light. I was surprised to hear that based on every other brand of scope I have with a center red dot (Swarovski and even Leupold), their dots can be seen easily in any light.

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