Lead free .222

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Re: Lead free .222

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I have wanted to try the Hammers for quite awhile, but the lack of reloading data specifically max charge weight always holds me back. The starting charge for for the 44 grain hammer is the max charge for the 45 grain Barnes. Not sure how to figure out a safe place to stop and reading pressure signs in a K95 and BD14 might be harder in this case than in a bolt action rifle. My current velocities for the 45 grain Barnes bullet is way below their listed velocity so I would have to add a lot of powder to reach 3600+ FPS.

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Re: Lead free .222

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If you all them, they will tell you where they found pressure.
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Re: Lead free .222

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They have a lot of, forum member generated, load data on their forum. They also have a lot of information about loading Hammer bullets. They are a little different. A lot of guys seem to crimp there cartridges. A lot of them go light weight and high velocity. The main thing that I have found with the Hammers is checking your barrels twist rate. Hammer list the suggested/required twist rate to stableize their bullets. There is a lot of good information on their website and forum.
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Re: Lead free .222

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Well then! That changes things.

I'm on to it.



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