.30-06 Sako Blade 162 gr (656A)

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.30-06 Sako Blade 162 gr (656A)

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I'm developing this load for white tail and moose.
As RS60 is impossible to get right now in Finland, I used N150 as the powder.
Based on these results, I would say there's no need for RS60 :)

Here http://hardhittingshootinglab.com/2020/ ... llet-test/
they have tested the same 162 gr Blade in .308. Providing the bullet opens all-the-way to the bottom of the expansion cavity with the impact speed of 792m/s, according to ballistics calculators this load should open completely up to 100 meters. In driven hunt max shooting distances are usually 75-100 meters so this load should certainly do the trick.

Bullet: Sako Blade 162 gr (model 656A)
Brass: Lapua, once shot, full-sized body, neck-sized
Powder: 50,20 gr Vihtavuori N150
Primer: CCI 250
CBTO: 67,47 mm
COAL: 83,55 mm
Average speed: 846 ms / 2775 fps (average of three shots, measured with Magnetospeed)
Rifle: Blaser R8 Ultimate
Barrel length: 580 mm
Scope: Kahles Helia 12,4-12x56i, 4-Dot reticle
Weather: +17 Celsius, NW 4 m/s
Accuracy @150 m: Group size 13,62 mm / 0,4 MOA (four shots)

In the picture, the covered shots in the upper right corner are shot with Barnes TTSX 130 gr (three shots, works nicely as well), the bottom right corner shots are Sako Blades.
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