6XC 90 gr Nosler AB, VV N540

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6XC 90 gr Nosler AB, VV N540

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(Cartridge) 6XC

(Brand of bullet) Nosler Accubond

(Weight of bullet) 90 grain

(Brand of brass) Norma

(Type of powder) Vihtavuori N540

(Grains of powder) 37.4 grain

(Brand, and type of primer) CCI BR2

(COL): 65 mm

(CBTO) 52.9 mm

(FPS/MPS) not measured for this load. Step 2 in my load development gave me 902 m/s. This was step 6 at 0.3 grain increments

(Rifle) Blaser R8

(Barrel Length) Standard barrel, 580 mm

(Scope) Leica ERi 2.5-10x42

(Weather conditions & temp)

(Accuracy @ 100 yards/meters) 0.5"

(Notes) This combination was very stable. POI was very consistent for six out of seven loads. These same loads also grouped between 0.5" and 0.75". Adjusting seating depth might improve the grouping, but it's not something I will do. I'm getting plenty of accuracy for hunting as it is.

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