Rigby Highland Stalker 275

"Whether crafted in 1775, today or the years in between, this is where you can discuss your Rigby rifles and shotguns."
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Re: Rigby Highland Stalker 275

Post by thomasr1969 »

Agree. No doubt both are good toys. Alas I can buy only one. I prefer Mausers normally but they are prickly to deal with. And I suspect the Rigby may be finished a little better. I just don't know

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Re: Rigby Highland Stalker 275

Post by MD Driver »

Yeah, Rigby does stunning work. Within the last two years, I’ve gotten a Mauser M98 Diplomat in 8mm, a Rigby Big Game in .416 Rigby, and a Rigby Highland Stalker in .275 Rigby. All three are exceptional. The metals are the same Mauser 98 products, with Made in Germany printed on the side of the actions. Both Rigbys also have the traditional cartridge verbiage and their London address on the metal as well. So, between all three, there is no difference in the metals, unless you decide to have engraving done which drives the cost up dramatically. The actions, barrels, fixed sights....all top-shelf.

Now for the difference, which is slight. The Rigby woodwork is stunning. The M98 is a beauty, but the Rigbys have that slight amount of extra class and refined finish. And I do mean slight. I purposely got all three guns in their respective traditional cartridges, and Rigby keeps original owners recorded in their centuries-old journals. Rigby also includes a complimentary SCI membership for you or as a gift to someone else. When I ordered the Highland Stalker from Gordy & Sons, the salesman worked with me and spent a fair amount of time looking for a rifle that would match my Big Game’s stock color as closely as possible. Bingo, he nailed it. Both guns have that deep, rich dark mahogany color, and their finishes match exactly.

So..... Which to buy? A very, very tough call. What worked for me was the traditional cartridges constraints, even though I ended up with guns from both manufacturers. Having to choose one, though....just me, but I really appreciate the Rigbys stock woodworking so much.

Good luck.... you’re choosing between two exceptional brands.

BTW if you get MOTV, or some other service that has the show Shooting Gallery, there’s a great episode, “1902” I think, about the current Rigby company. Also, there’s a great tour of Gordy & Sons by Marc Newton on Rigby’s Facebook page.

As always....just a satisfied customer/owner here. No other ties to Mauser, Rigby, or Gordy & Sons.

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Re: Rigby Highland Stalker 275

Post by Toby458 »

I love the look and feel of these rifles. I have considered buying one in 9.3x62, but the Blaser R8 bug bit me before I got around to it.

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Re: Rigby Highland Stalker 275

Post by Vagrouser »

I have an original 275 Rigby built 1929. I wouldn’t mind buying a current production one too Unfortunately I’m not aware of any nearby to handle before springing for the purchase

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