22 hornet Lil'gun load

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22 hornet Lil'gun load

Post by SPEEDY »

Bullet, 40gn Hornady Vmax
Powder, Lil'gun
Charge weight, 13gn
Case, Winchester
Primer, Winchester magnum pistol
Gun, K95
Velocity, 3015fps :o

Well bugger me, I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be that fast, but that was what I was getting on the crony, no errors or miss reads and a constant ES of around 20fps.
I did crimp firmly, but I'm guessing this is just a very fast barrel or Lil gun is a much better powder than I thought. :confusion-shrug:

Accuracy, I didn't bother to measure but it groups in one ragged hole so it's pretty damn accurate.

I'm soft and I don't care. :dance:

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